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Product Highlights

Lamson & Sessions manufactures and markets a wide variety of industry-leading products for the telecommunications, electrical, construction, consumer, power, and waste-water markets. For more details on these products, please visit the "Our Businesses" section of our web site. Several of our market-leading products are highlighted below:

Zip Box®  
The best known brand name of Lamson & Sessions is Carlon®, which is immediately recognized among electrical contractors and do-it-yourself consumers as "the blue box company." Lamson & Sessions is the world's leading manufacturer of nonmetallic switch and outlet boxes. These blue "zip boxes" are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, to fit almost any application.

A premium nonmetallic, corrugated flexible raceway product, Plenum-Gard meets the rigorous requirements for use in air handling spaces while providing efficient management and protection of communication cable.

Carlon's Multi-Gard with pre-installed innerducts and a gasketed coupling system has become a market leader for running fiber-optic, telephone and low-voltage lines through the same conduit. This multi-cell communication duct is supporting the increasing demand for underground cable pathways, fueled by bandwidth-gobbling technologies such as the Internet and other online multimedia applications.

Bore-Gard, which was introduced to our premium product line for the telecommunications industry in 1999, incorporates a trenchless, directional-boring technology. Lamson's growth potential in the telecommunications industry is supported by a proven ability to create innovative products to meet the changing technological applications required to satisfy the nearly insatiable demand to improve the telecom and datacom networks within the North American continent.

The ever-changing needs of today's commercial, office and retail environments are placing increasing demands on power, communications and data requirements. Our nonmetallic floor box systems offer versatility in combining power, data and communications in one box.

Our Dimango line of wireless door bell and door chime products provides consumers with a wide choice of features and styles. Dimango wireless chimes are practical, expandable and of the highest quality, providing years of trouble-free service. They install easily without the necessity of wiring.

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