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Strategic Drivers

Our sustained success is based to a large extent on three principal business philosophies:
  • capitalizing on the core competencies of our businesses,
  • effective pursuit of total quality,
  • and basing all of our actions and decisions on our Strategic Drivers.
These are known collectively as "HIISOC":

Performance Culture High-Performance Culture
Implementing a set of beliefs, norms and values, resulting in a company-wide culture that fosters continuous improvement.
Innovative Products and Services Innovative Products and Services
Offer quickly to our current and prospective markets innovative, proprietary, value-added products and related services to achieve a higher percentage of new high margin products as a percent of sales.
Information Technology as a Competitive Advantage Information Technology as a Competitive Advantage
Operate an enterprise-wide information system to provide seamless interfaces among internal areas, as well as automated interfaces with external sources.
Sustainable Revenue & Profit Growth Sustainable Revenue & Profit Growth
Utilize strategic acquisitions, cost reductions, competitive pricing practices, and market position improvement strategies to achieve sustainable revenue and profit growth.
Operational Excellence Operational Excellence
Focus all associates on the concept and implementation of continuous process improvement. All key processes are reviewed on a continual basis with an emphasis placed on order fulfillment, manufacturing and distribution practices.
Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction
The ultimate responsibility of every associate is to meet or exceed customer satisfaction.


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